OCP11 – 1z0-817


From now on every six months a new Java will be released from Oracle Inc.

The main features of the JDK11 are:

  1. JEP330: Launching single source file programs.
  2. JEP321: Standardizes the incubated HTTP Client API in java.net.http package. Supports: HTTP/1.2 & HTTP/2; both synchronou and asynchronous programing models; handles request and response bodies as reactive streams; follow the familiar Builder pattern.
  3. JEP332: TLS 1.3. Major overhaul of the TLS protocol with a new set of algorithms.
  4. JEP328: Java Flight Recorder. Profiling with extremely low overhead.
  5. JEP333: New ZGC VM (It’s comparable with Z1 or CSM but wwith less pause time). Predictable, low latency. Is able to use multi terabytes heaps; it contains a large heap gc; 10ms as the max ggc pause time. It lays the foundation for future GC features. Also a 15% max app throughput reduction (Experimental feature).
  6. JEP286: Local variable type inference.
  7. JEP323: Local variable syntax for lambda inference.


Once we are Java certificated in older versions, we can take the exam of 1z0-817 – Upgrade OCP Java 6, 7 & 8 to Java SE 11 Developer.

These are the topics that this exam covers and that are required to pass the exam:

Recommended books

We want to use this book OCP Oracle Certified Professional Java SE 11 Developer Complete Study Guide: Exam 1Z0-815 and Exam 1Z0-816. It can be used also for the Upgrade Exam 1Z0-817.

More information by one the author’s book can be found here:

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